This is what we do

Our business is actually quite simple to define - lighting for gardens and outdoor environments that you fix yourself. We focus on you as a private person and we develop products that are simple and stylish and are of a quality that is adapted to our climate up here in Scandinavia.

Simplicity is a key word.Our lighting system is easy to install on your own and even easier to like - with decorative light and Scandinavian design. We try not to complicate things too much.

We are affordable. When developing products, we make sure to find that fine balance between quality and price. We want you to feel satisfied with the overall experience.

Availability. Our products should not only be easy to install, we also want our products to be easily available for you. You can find our complete range here at, but also at our retailers who probably have a store near you. Garden designers, electricians and constructors also work with LightsOn.


Quality from A to Z

Our lights are built to last. That is why they are made of, among other things, aluminum and acid-resistant stainless steel - this also applies to the ground spikes. Lamps with color, such as black and gray, are usually powder coated for a good look and durability.

The right material in the cables is also important to make the lighting system last a long time. The transport cables are always made of rubber, not PVC, as they can withstand UV light best and do not dry out.

When we choose materials for our products, we always think about the rough conditions we have here in Scandinavia. Our main priority is for you to be able to create and enjoy fantastic lighting experiences in your outdoor environment with products that don't require any maintenance.


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